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RE: Earn Money Watching Streamers From Home

in #moneylast year

I've used to before so, here's my review: You will reach the minimum payment threshold in like 6 months (Unless you gain +50 referrals)

As for advertising my channel with it, all the followers dropped. They unfollowed my channel after getting their credits.


Thanks for the real info. We should all be so lucky to have real people sharing knowledge and saving lots of people time and effort! Thanks again!

As is most often, the real feedback is in the comments. How long did you run it or are you still running it? Was it worth the investment for you given the amount of time and effort? I'm curious if the follower retention was truly 0% for the entire course of time.

For a month. And It was actually %0, I'm not saying the service is bad, It's a good idea (Better than running bots or autosurfs) But, the users will do what every other microworker does (do a task, get paid, run away)

I say the best way to grow a twitch channel is to let grow organically. But, maybe this method will work for someone, who knows?

BTW, take a quick look at the featured reviews on their main page, then take a look at those reviewers twitch channels.

That's a great idea, I will do that. Thanks.

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