Great Stupa Dharmakaya // Monochrome Monday

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After joining Steem USA, which is another group that relly supports one another I have found the photography my main attraction. Ever since I was a child I dreamed of being a Judge and a world class photographer.

Neither of those came true but hey I’ve worked with judges and now I’m learning more about photography every day. Today is Monochrome Monday that is hosted by @old-guy-photos. I’m
still getting to know people but, for me its all about the beautiful pics.


During a night hike a couple of weeks ago I shot this at the Great Stupa in Red Feather, Colorado. I’m sharing the original im color and the monochrome version below.


The photos were taken with my smartphone since I had no idea my cam could take fancy night shots. I’m getting there in my development, but not quite yet. It’s a learning process.

Thank you all for visiting and as always I love community engagement so leave a comment and I will be sure to respond.


Eagle Spirit


If I ever had to go to court I would want you for a judge...
Great photos of that stupa...

yaya thank you and thank you again!


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Hey @eaglespirit Good for you for seeking out new communities. It's cool you are so passionate about photography. And, i bet you are a great judge!! We learned judging in 4-H as kids. It's quite a thing!!! Keep on enjoying your adventures and doing your thing girl! Lots of love & many blessings!! I hope you win the contest!!

hey thanks! glad to see you were in 4H and nice to see you here, have agreat day and weekend if i dont see you.

Photography is a great hobby and you will never run out of things to learn!!!

yes i love it and fiy fixed my cam, i hit a button. also why some of my photos come out small, it was my computer ahhaha a data file not original pic