Monochrome Monday - Clouds in Black and White !!

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I like to present to you my favorite cloud photos in black and white their are many picturesque photos in black and white that bring out the realistic of that photo and black and white clouds have many ways of showing just that as far as the way they made you feel. There is a saying if you want to relax just lay on the grass and watch the clouds passing by you and do nothing just enjoy them still moments and just let your body rejuvenate.




The thing i love about clouds you don't have to travel far to observe this beauty of God's creation you can simply lay on the grass or sit in a deck chair in your own backyard and enjoy this beautiful God's creation.




For me looking into the clouds it's like imagining i am walking through the winding , lonesome trails of the mountains but always leading you to the most amazing views.




We know that the Sun and the Sky are always there but it's the Clouds that come and go and always bringing us a different painting every moment of the day it's like watching a architect designing and re-designing continuously or a painter changing his moods.




Weather we are above the clouds looking down at them or looking up at them from our backyard they are truly amazing there is always one cloud behind another clould and always so magical to look at but one thing the clouds can not do is hide the Sun forever and it is that were the sun and the clouds work in harmony to bring us the beauty of them gorgeous morning sunrises and evening sunsets.





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These are wonderful and awesome photos!!
You are addicted to clouds!

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Love the clouds they always have a story to :)

I like that high contrast one like # 4

Thank you Mr Paul clouds always have a story to tell :)

Out did yourself this time.

Great selection, combination and I like your comments on the pics, too.

Thank you @nananini for your kind words :)