Monomad - Monday (Macro) - Walking on the rafters

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Man, what a crazy week. There are a couple of posts I was hoping to get done, but work kept me very busy this week and today is the start of my son's soccer season. Since I'm his team's coach, that has kept me busy as well with preparations. If it wasn't for #Monomad I would've been at the beginning of another no-post streak today.

Another shot of a tiny creature in the outdoors again this week. I might venture inside for next Monday and look for inspiration on something a little more out of the ordinary, but this little beetle climbing along a lichen covered twig in the trees was too good to pass up.

Bug and lichen mono.JPG
Click image for higher resolution.
Equipment: Nikon D5000, AF-S 18-55mm Nikkor 1:3.5-5.6 on 20mm macro tube
Exposure: f/9, 1/100sec, ISO-320

Now, I may be breaking the spirit of Monomad here, but the colors found in this image are pretty great. Subject selection can really make a monochrome photograph shine better than a color version would of the same thing, and such images show a photographer's grasp of utilizing the gray scale. Today's photo was certainly taken with "macro" more in mind than "mono", so I'm going to share the color version as well.

Bug and lichen.JPG
Click image for higher resolution.

For those of you interested in joining the monochrome madness, here is the post that provides the guidelines for this daily photography prompt organized by @brumest.

It's as simple as sharing an original monochrome photograph on Steemit, tagging it with #monomad, and following this daily topic list:


Glorious. I have no idea what kind of bug that is. Bex would enjoy the lichen.

No idea what the official or scientific names are, but I've called them stink bugs ever since I was a kid. That's all I've heard them called, because when you frighten them or squish them they give off a pungent odor.

Don't worry bug lovers, this guy was left undisturbed.

Stink bugs are among the varieties of shield bugs. Had an assassin bug fall out of my washcloth one day last week when pulled it off shower rod... Suspect it is one I accidentally brought in one flowers last fall. I love both mono and color. Lichen+bug=perfection. I've failed in photography myself lately unless one counts photoing coverlets, quilts, and museum exhibit assembly for my Dad. He copied stuff off my camera today but I had no time to check my limited flower, bug, and lichen shots. We kept driving by licheny rocks places we couldn't stop for me to photograph on weekend outing. Sigh

Aha! I see it now.

I put a stink bug in my mouth once when I young.

Don't ask me how it happened.

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Incredible photo!
Hi I'm an artist (dragons) and I'd like to borrow/rent your SP while you're away :D
Please let me know your price! ^^