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I've heard of old people legends and any songs, so I expanded the horizons of my knowledge narrow. Although absurdly, who would say they are not true, and women love them too ... I tell in four-dimensional strata. In ancient Greece lived a great sculptor, of stone statues do with a male or female face. Sculpting the perfect body, eyes and hair so beautiful, and you look in a mirror would have considered them alive. But he had long dreamed - beautiful, gentle, unmatched, the woman he had dreamed of, he called it simply: "Loved." He looked at all the Greeks lest he meet her somewhere, but desperate himself ordered: "It can be anywhere!" Then he decided he would what he thought long ago, from stone rocks to re-create woman, in beauty with goddesses equal. You closed your eyes now he saw her dressed in Eviino dressed. He wrote it on the parchment: "My soul to yours is doomed." And he started without hesitation the female statue to cut, with a wild thrill, an ardent desire and her time to vow. But he felt so fond of it while part of a part built it, that she had fallen in love with her. He finished it and then he guessed it. "What love utopian !? So you statue woman. Irresistible power, illogical, I pushed for this wave. Where, where to hide from your stone flesh and the feelings in me to kill? ... Maybe I'll be on my way. But no, so I know the problem will not resolve, I will rather force myself and without wanting to be wrong. " Then the gods called him to revive this girl, because he dreamed endlessly with her to become an inseparable couple. Like birds fly out of the cloudless sky. Then the gods decided to revive it and push them in one direction. The impossible happened and in every story, know, good and love have always succeeded, to write you happily: End.


253 votes and 5 replies from bots. Here a real reply. Love this picture. You are a great photographer.

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