Come Closer ~ A MonoMad Post

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If the number of boxes of decorations in the garage are any indication, my wife likes Christmas, but loves Halloween. Last weekend she noted, disappointed, that I don't often accompany her to the Halloween stores that take over bankrupt business properties this time every year. So, off we went to a couple of scary shops. I made the most of it by snapping some photos. Here's one that I'm posting for the daily #MonoMad photo contest created by @brumest and curated by @monochromes.


Please click on the image to view it full screen!

Original photograph by @kunschj. All rights reserved

CameraApple iPhone XR
Editing SoftwareGIMP
LocationOxnard, California


Thanks @otage for my name in blacktop alphabet!



The way you've composed your shot maximizes the creepiness of the horror-clown

Thank you for saying so. Creepy is what I aim for.

Haha. If I just read your comment out of context. I hope creepy is not what you aim for.

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Cute is what I aim for?

That’s so much better

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Thanks for keeping track. Your reply starts me towards my new goal !tip

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 3 of my contest just started...check it out!
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Thanks for the support Pixresteemer b

Well, thanks for that! I will have nightmares for a week!

Don’t look now, he’s closer than you think.

That's what I'm afraid of!

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..awesome!..Halloween is coming...up..follow you..resteemed..

Thanks! I appreciate that.

Eeyeewwww.... I can't un-see that! Lol...

Que curiosa fotografia amigo,los dientes me causaron asombro,muy buena,saludos y gracias por apoyarme siempre

De nada Petra. Gracias por visitar mi blog.

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