Monomad Saturday — Silhouettes — Waiting for the Kids

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Amusement park is amusing for kids, no doubt. But the parents are somewhat less amused waiting until the energy level gets low…


Category / КатегоријаSilhouettes
Settings / ПоставкеISO800, 22mm, 1/40 sec, f4.5
Camera / КамераCanon EOS 60D
Lens / ОбјективCanon EFs 10-22mm, f3.5-4.5
Location / ЛокацијаSmederevo, Serbia

This is an entry to the MONOMAD contest hosted by our @brumest at his @monochromes account


  • Monday - Macro
  • Tuesday - Street
  • Wednesday - Abstract
  • Thursday - Animals
  • Friday - Flowers
  • Saturday - Silhouettes
  • Sunday - Skies


e-vizitka - 2017-10-28_131026-mala.jpg


Biti roditelj nije lako, al kada se posvete samo tom trenutku, kada njihova djeca stvarno uzivaju, i ne brinu brige o zivotu, vjerujem da ce uzivati gledajuci ih. Sa druge strane, slazem se sa tobom, vidjela sam i ja dosta njih koji se "smaraju" dok im se djeca bezbrizno igraju.
Fotografija je predobro odradjena.

nice information sir.......have a great contest


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Wow... Nice shot!
This is so creative of you...
Amazing concept @lighteye
Great Job ✌