KitKat - The Youngest in my Furbaby Family🐾

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I'm missing this adorable little blue-eyed beauty who belongs to my daughter almost as much as I miss my girl! You might remember me posting about KitKat, the purring machine, a few weeks ago.


Her real name is Amari Cooper but the unwritten rules say that grandmas can come up with nicknames for their grandpets!💕


She was such a precious, tiny little thing when she first was adopted and brought home where she lives in Texas!


The black and white photo with colorsplash (above) is my entry to the daily #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

Also tagging the incredible @dpet who hosts #dailypetphotography as well as the awesome @old-guy-photos who sponsors #monochromemonday


Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8

Here are previous posts I did featuring KitKat and

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog, as I truly appreciate everyone's continued support!

Have a terrific day!

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Wowzers! I saw the small thumbnail photo in my feed, and I couldn't click over fast enough to see the full sized shot - such gorgeousness! No wonder you miss the adorable little fluffball, and I'm going to remember that rule about!

Such a beautiful kitten 😍 OMG... Just want to hug the little Fury baby.
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend my friend. Much love 🤗🌹

Thank you, Sweetheart!💕 And I totally agree about the hugs.

This is the most loveable, affectionate kitten I've ever known and KitKat thinks she's a dog. It's so cute to watch her run outside when the doggies go potty, then use the litterbox when she comes back inside and wait for a treat! #meow 💫🐱🐾

Hope you're having a terrific weekend!
Sending you oodles of love! @saffisara 💙💜💙

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Thanks so much, Pix!👍

Hey @ninahaskin, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Appreciate the weekend brewskie! Cheers! @pixresteemer 🍺

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Hi @ninahaskin,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Thank you for sharing the love of all the amazing Steemit pets! 🐾❤💫

What an absolute sweety!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the kind words!
I'll drop by your blog with some love a little later after my phone recharges. Hope you're having a terrific weekend! @wwwiebe

Amazing.....👍 Never seen such beauty before. .......eyes speaks a lot🤟

Those blue eyed cats (and dogs) are truly something else, aren't they,! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment @steemflow

Something very speciall

Have a terrific week! @steemflow cute i love her markings so adorable 😺

Thank you and I agree 100% @hangin
Wonder if our cats would get along on a playdate?

You just never know with cats they like there own personal space but it can work also my two cats are pretty friendly 😺 😺

Haha! Well, as the saying goes "two's a party and three is crowd!"

Lol...very true but some times can be fun 🤭


See it can work...hehe 🙂


Aww, so cute! What's the fourth furry animal in the middle? A cat or referee dog?


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Well she is a dandy!