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Its yet another day and i want to bring you a catch up story about my little niece Angel. Previously i have been talking about how boredom due to the Covid 19 isolation has led to a love the world syndrome where the kids now want to get involved with people and get a little excitement in the world. Virtual world isnt as fun as the real world, exclaimed Angel after i tried to make them happy and entertained. This was prior to introducing them to photography. Ever since, our life itinerary each day has been a little of the virtual world, little academic lessons and little photography.


Angel wants to become a model and has been saying it for a long time even before the onset of Covid 19. She is still young and her mind can change but for now, i will try my best to engage her in that respect. Angel who has diverse view about what is important in life is a bit fame centric and likes taking roles and responsibilities that will bring her into the spotlight. Covid really hit her hard as she cant experience the joy that comes with being a leader, famous and model brings her. She is not allowed freely on social media as she isnt 12 years yet. Her parents are going to allow her on social media at age 12 and this will be the first platform i will introduce her. Enough of her, lets talk about photography

The inspiration for this shot has already been described in the above paragraphs. They say, every picture captures moments and stores them infinitely. this picture will always bring to mind the little beautiful times we had during the Covid 19 pandemic. As we are having fun, im learning more and more about black and white photography as it is a field i hardly venture.


La creme de la creme. This is the shot i enjoy most from this set. One of the most important aspect of black and white photography that i have realised is contrast and complements. The contrast in this image isnt dramatic yet the flowers in the dress complements the background perfectly. There is enough flare in the picture with a grin and style.

Straight Out Of Camera Shots:




Camera Details
Camera : Canon 6D
ISO : 250
Lens : 50mm
Aperture: F/3.5
Shutterspeed: Variable

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