3. Steemit #monthlyauthorchallenge Prize-Pool-Raising-Post for April 2018!

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Hi dear participants of the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge & dear Steemians,

here is the third article for raising the prize-pool of the #monthlyauthorchallenge, which will be donated to motivated participants in April 2018 with nice contributions!
br> In addition this account here is powered up with currently +322 SP to support participants with upvotes and resteems. 👍

Yesterday the first "Prize-Pool-Raising-Post" of April 2018 was paid out and the first 1.18 SBD (Steem Dollars) are in the pot:


Here you can also find the latest prize pool distribution updates:
💡 Updates about the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge Prize Pool Distribution for March 2018!

Note: This post is a reward-pool raising post for the Steemit M.A.C. prize pool of April 2018 and this means that all SBD rewards of this article here will be donated to motivated #monthlyauthorchallenge participants of April 2018 at the beginning of Mai!

Here are the rules how to participate in the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge:

  • You have to post at least 1 article with a photo of your life every day for one month with the tag #monthlyauthorchallenge and a recognizable title. (Steemit Monthly Author Challenge Round x - Day x!" for example, or use the abbreviation S.M.A.C., if you don´t like the long name.)

  • You don´t have to add a detailed description to your photo article if you don´t like and it can be a quick photo post with Steepshot for example too. (But don´t forget the #monthlyauthorchallenge tag and more details about your photo can help you to earn more post-rewards!)

  • The photo of your life (It can be anything interesting) don´t has to be up-to-date, but not older than 1 year, or you can also choose a photo of your childhood. You can tell a real life story instead of sharing a life photo too if you like.

  • To make it more comfortable for everyone, you don´t have to nominate someone for the challenge every day in your daily post. Nominating is voluntary, but to share this fun, I would suggest to nominate some other Steemians from time to time, so that you can do this funny challenge together.

  • The challenge ends when you reached the Monthy Author Badget in the beginning of the next month on steemitboard.com and then publish a little final post that you finished the challenge.

Info: The period for the Monthly Author Badget is always from the first of a calendar month until the last day of this month. 👌

That´s it, just have fun!

If you like the idea, you are welcome to join & share this challenge too!


If you still want to learn more about the #monthlyauthorchallenge, here you can visit my article with the title: "Why "Steemit Monthly Author Challenge" & what value it adds to our community?"

Some of the Steemit members who already participated in the Steemit Monthly Author Badget Challenge:

@jlufer, @ace108, @amrumk, @scan0017, @stayoutoftherz, @oldmariner, @olgy-art, @datristan, @lex030, @jenja, @kathybell, @misslasvegas, @reynoldd, @joyandhappiness, @bettyboob, @cranium, @steemitpatina, @danielus, @assasin, @aaqib11b, @itikna09, @irwan90, @matthewtiii, @kebena, @manokna, @shady, @chann, @timmyturner, @aaqib11b, @gratefulayn, @riyansteem, @akilasultana373, @mllg, @smylie2005, @redwellies, @omuabormalin, @artizm, @diya28, @winniex, @unterwegs, @meixia, @vergiliigurev, @nostalgic1212, @ir3k, @gloxypearl, @adedoyinwealth, @mllg, @diya28, @alexmove, @lixing, @sokoloffa, @tabithaa, @josegilberto

And more, checkout the Tag #monthlyauthorchallenge!

Steemit Monthly Author Challenge
Monthly Author Challenge Logo by @amrumk.

Hear you in the next article & Steem On everyone!

Author of this article: @future24


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Note: All SBD rewards of this article here will be donated into the prize-pool to reward inspired & motivated #monthlyauthorchallenge participants and this is the third Prize Pool Raising article for the April 2018 Steemit Monthly Author Challenge Reward-Pool. 👍

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I no longer represent my usual activity on Steem without your competition.

Я уже не представляю свою обычную деятельность на Стеем без Вашего конкурса.

:D Haha, thanks @cranium! 😁👍

This is a wonderful idea, it has really increase the posting level of steemians

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