The presence of ice on the moon poles is confirmed

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It's official. According to Nasa's latest announcements, we can finally confirm the presence of frozen water on the moon's surface.

Scientists have been looking for signs of water for years on the natural land satellite, but no trace has been found so far.
The team of scientists used NASA's "Moon Mineralogy Mapper" to detect specific traces that prove to have ice on the surface of the moon. Specifically, the frozen water is at the bottom of some craters apparently shaded for thousands of millions of years, located in the north and south poles of the moon. It is certain that scientists have predicted these "cold traps" for decades within the craters of the moon.

However, these super cool areas freeze water to the point that water vapors can freeze. Subsequent research showed indirect signs of ice on the surface, but other studies contradicted it by explaining that these signs may be explained by factors that the lunar surface reflects other occurrences.

Much of this ice is found in the shade of craters near the poles where the hottest temperatures never reach-121 ° C. This discovery keeps our hope alive for the colonization of this planetary object. Water can be a critical step for preserving human life on the moon.

For astronauts means more than drinking water. Sharing water in hydrogen and oxygen can potentially fuel ships from the moon's surface without forcing astronauts to return to land to supply fuel for additional spatial explorations. It would be the first step to building a space economy and entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk announcing ways to place space colonies on other planets and to escape the frozen water detection ground could be a promising signal that dreams can become a reality. NASA scientists have commented that they will continue studying in many lunar regions in hopes of finding out how this ice was formed on our satellite.

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Nice post, but in reality in my opinion, I don't think that will never be made possible, because God created the earth to be inhabited by man not the moon, just my opinion.

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