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Welcome To All Gambling Enthusiasts.

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dunno why i did not ask for any ref link when v2 started :/ maybe one day with v3 :)

@gerber yeah may be on v3 :P

Nice promotion @nageshwar0369 :) Maybe oneday I'll make mine too

@sxiii : thanks man ... make one today ;)


Ah, finally the kid is showing his true colors for everyone to see :)
I knew it all along you whiney little baby. Keep on dwelling in your mum's basement trying to get rich while gambling your life away on a pathetic site which has 5 users playing at a time :D

Afraid? Dude, I have shit to care for in my real-life and won't be shedding a tear for my losses, neither will I chase them like the dog you are. I know that if I will be checking the leaderboard for losses in a months time from now, you will still be the biggest loser. And if not, you wil still be the biggest loser, just for spending your life on this shit that will lead you nowhere, while the actual life is taking place outside, which you are too afraid to try anyways.

And to call me gutless, while you are the spineless piece of shit who talks behinds peoples back but is too afraid of peoples reaction in real life. I know several people of your kind, they usually look away facing me in the street and rightly so :)

@nageshwar0369 is a piece of trash, I wouldn't use your ref-link if we both were the last two people on earth and I could only join when I used your ref-link :)


Updating on the situation: You're a little wanker who is mad he lost the most in the whole casino and is happy when people lose money. I would never join with your ref-link and give you scum a free dime.

Little kid who chills and flames in chat 24/7 with no life


Dude, I followed your chat with people like markymark and others, where you both said people can't have nice things because of sxii, me and others abusing a strategy that was working at the time and also said things like finally it crashed when people lost 100's of steem. I'm not mad about the spare change of the 150 steem I lost, I earn more than that in a single day, but I just don't like people talking shit behind someone's back and then acting nice when talking to them, that's just hideous.

Also the whole situation with you congratulating people winning 400+ steem of the casino and then cry about me being up 60 steem for a day (and maybe 2-3 other people) is just ridiculous :D

In hindsight I'm sorry for insulting you, but behaviour like yours just makes me mad, not even the loss of something (which maybe also makes me a little mad, because I usually never gamble, just invest into things or maybe speculate).

And I also once was not having a fulfilling real life with spending too much time in front of the PC and being awkward at socializing, but going out there and trying usually is the best way to change things. Wish you good luck on your journeys, but maybe try to also think about your behaviour :)

you are too judgemental ... and people don't have to behave in your expected way ... well this is simple ... i want players to win and players to lose . both are fun for me ... my crying or congratulating is up to me which wont affect your game result as its 99% luck based game ... yeah i wanted that to crash .. even i was there in both the crashes ... i was curious and have my own math on how it works ... i can do whatever i want ... who the hell are you to judge ? do you think you can come and insult everyone based on your assumpted judgements ?

And you're just a little cry baby for being the casino's biggest loser. Guess what, you will be the biggest loser in the casino no matter how much you win or lose, how is that about truth? ;)

Hahaha your comment applies also for yourself, weirdo. Ofcourse I can come and insult everyone based on my assumptions, you see?

You are a piece of trash and you know it..

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Haha you pathetic little worm, you on to deleting your comments now that show your true nature?

I know that you're not only lacking the social skills to interact with normal people, but probably also lacking in the brain department so here I help you calculate your "profits":

In the last 7 days only you transfered 312.4 Steem to moonsteem, while receiving 0 and still being -240 Steem in "PROFIT". You do realize that negative balance means a profit, maybe for the house and other investors (like myself), but definitely not a profit on your side.

Now off you go, stop wasting my time with your little kids toys playing for spare change in this online casino.

Thank god there are pathetic little wankers like you who pay for my cars :) :*


🎁 Dear @desperad0s,

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Ah, I just checked and it is not -240 Profit but -531,352.79
Well done! You're really rocking the casino, matey.
You know need some referrals to get you some of that back you miserable person?

Oh, I mean, you're really giving me nice dividends :* Love you!

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Hahaha, I just checked drugwars in the first time in 2 days and look what you're doing. Attacking me 10 times in 2 days and sendimg me messages like "die you pathetic creature"

Did I teach you a new word? By the way, although I know you're of low value to anyone in society I still don't wish for you to die, who is paying for my lambo then?