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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #moosemonday with
thanks to @shasta

The frost on the goldenrod made it easy to spot these...
DSC_3377 (2).jpg
two whitetail deer.

DSC_3380 (2).jpg


Those are stunning photos! I love the contrast!

An hour later the frost was gone, it was good timing... thanks!

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Brilliant click

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Thank you, sometimes things just work out

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Nice moosemonday photography.

Thank you!

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Never get tired of seeing these guys. Its amazing they can survive the harsh winters.

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Me either, they are the highlight of every walk...

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I saw three last weekend in the fall colors against some bright yellow. Too bad i didnt bring the zoom lens.

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Nice! How far outside Chicago do you have to go to see them?

They probably thought they were well camouflaged! Group photos!

Haha, yes good point... it was so frosty that morning, rarely seen it like that...

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