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It's been a while but I am back online here. It's been a few years so, a lot has happened. I am going to devote this space to politics, beers/whiskey/wine, etc./guns/travel and politics...this time politics. We have been through the ringer the past few years and things seem to be moving at light speed now. Trump/MAGA/Communism-Socialism, etc it's all on the table now. As background, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat and definitely not a Socialist/Communist. I am best described as liberatarian, meaning this: I prefer as little government as possible, I prefer individual freedom more than anything and I also recognize this country is NOT what the founders envisioned, fought for and died for. I recognize that our country, while ugly at times, with warts from start to present is STILL better than anything else out there. I also recognize that we are in peril of losing everything under this current administration, but more importantly under the global pressure of those who want to control every land mass, every person and push their agenda onto the world. We should not allow this to happen. People who seemingly had nothing in common in the past, must unite. We are divided only because 'they' say we should be. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, man, woman, transgendered, gay, straight, Indian, Native, whatever - WE need to unite and push back against our own slavery. My wish would be that all people would realize it is not us against each other, it is the 1 percent versus the rest of us. We are in peril of becoming even further enslaved by greed and corruption. Fight Back! Gamestonk is only the beginning.