Different lesson to find out yourself and your way to success in steemit and all your other projects

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Dear steemians,

Today i want to share with you a simple dialogue comes to Plankton's and Minnow's just after some days from their joining to this great platform.
This is a lesson that is different from the other lessons you find here. In my lesson you will find out yourself and your way to success in steemit and all your other projects.

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Mind: You always fail to achieve your goals and get rewards on Steemit ?

Superego: No i had really succeeded in many things and i got upvotes before.

Mind: But you lost in several projects and wasted a lot of money and time to read and create articles.

Superego: Yes, i did because of egotism and the fuck egoism, but I gained the experience to succeed in my future projects and get rewards on my posts.

Mind: But, now you have no liquidity and no steem power to upvote your posts.

Superego: I am going to work hard again and save money.

Mind: And what about the years that lost in your failed experiments?

Superego: Emmmm!

The mind came close to triumph over the inner observer (consciousness)...

Superego: Haha you are trying to push me into the illusion of time. What happened in the past can not be changed by thinking. It is like dreaming. It is just a dream of my mind that is useful to remember, because I can not change it, but I will look at it as an experiment and study for the future.

Mind: Look at other's posts, they have achieved a lot and succeeded in reaching their goals and get rewards to live a good life especially dolphins and whales,but you failed in every post you shared.

Superego: The success of others does not mean that I fail because each one has a different life path, life is like a game, once you win and another you lose, but the most important is the experience to post qualified content.

Mind: You justify your failure because you are a weak person.

Superego: Perfection of the Creator but we are humans who have virtuous qualities, and others we need to accept and try to develop.

Mind: ...

Superego: ...

This internal dialogue may last for a long time depending on the degree of feelings of pain you have and the negative beliefs programmed by your family, society and this platform.
Most of our problems in life in general begin when we believe what the mind says about life and social media platforms and what others tell us or what we see they achieved.
Negative thoughts such as the Trojan Fortress slowly creep in, and then begin to attract ideas like this to weaken your inner psychological immunity. This makes you surrender to the external challenges of life, unable to direct your inner thoughts and finally you feel the collapse of the whole.

Some will ask as i did before: How do I make my internal psychological immunity so strong that I can understand myself and guide my mind to what I want and i need?

Answer: Awareness.

Consciousness is a way of living based on what you think and feel in most of the time, until you discover some of your negative thinking and beliefs, which cause internal conflicts and attract external problems. This is why the more awareness, the weaker control of negative thoughts and feelings, because you begin to understand that the majority of internal conversations are programmed and the same thing happens every day, here you have to be vigilant and discover that what you think is not what
You are .

For example, the ocean is like consciousness, it contains fish (ideas) and not the other way around. In Eastern Zen philosophy, they resemble thoughts by clouds and awareness by the sky. The sky may turn and the weather turns from sunny to windy, but always the sun shines, the clouds break and the sky always absorb everything and does not reject it without changing. For a near vision, as Nafri says: "the more the vision becomes wider, the narrower the expression becomes. "Stretching out and raising awareness make words an access to communicate, not an expression of truth, the word "love" can not diminish this concept, because love is a state of consciousness, as David Hawkins stated. The word "sun" can not express a huge star that exceeds the earth's size, perhaps thousands of times.

Now this question will come to mind:
How can I improve my awareness?
To raise your awareness try to do these things or at least one of them:

  • During the day ask yourself: What do I think or feel now? Will my realistic change for the better if i continue to think about these thoughts and feelings?
  • During the day try to sit in a cafe and watch what happens around you, do not judge anything, just watch as if you are watching a scene from a movie.
  • Meditation
  • Reading daily even a page of a book in your field or other areas or a post of people you are following on seemit.

Finally, I suggest you to do this exercise:

Sit in a room without your phone, do nothing, wait for minutes, Do you feel upset ?, Sorrow ?, Calm ?, Do you desire to stand up and escape from yourself? . It's important to discover the hidden tune as Jane Robert called it, which causes a lot of events in your life.

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nice khoya lah yaser lik

Amine khoya lina w lik w l jami3

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