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Hope everybody is doing well. I wish all the best. And I'm fine too. I'm trying to recreate myself. I wrote a story about Lattu a few days ago. I hope everyone who read the story liked it and I'm inspiredIt happened because there were a lot of comments later and according to that comment I am writing a new story.

Honestly, I am trying to expand my small farm day by day and I am trying to take care of Lattu because once Lattu grows up I will bring a companion for him. This is what I was saying last day.This afternoon I got home early from the office today because I didn't have too much work pressure in the office today. That's why I came back early and gave time back to my farm because I'm trying to take care of my farm When I bought Lattu's parents, I tried my best to take care of them and succeeded in taking care of me, which is why I got Lattu anew.
I actually miss a lot of things because I come home late every day so today when I got up early from the office I saw that Lattu was very busy I was trying to give him time but he was going to his parents again and again because day In the end he needed food so he went to his parents and drank milk from her mother.In fact, he is very young now so I am not giving him any extra food. I am trying to feed his mother's milk because he needs his mother's milk a lot more as he grows older.
I really liked the moment when he was breastfeeding and I saw his mother breastfeeding him with great care and affection and I really liked it because I have a special interest in the biodiversity of nature so I liked the subject very much and I didn't bother him and tried to spend time separately like me and I stood for a long time and watched this scene and finally tried to capture that picture on my mobile phone.
At the end of the day, I think every human being needs to have respect for motherhood because I want to show with pictures that Lattu is being caressed like his mother, just like our mother caresses us in this way.20200928_09045101.jpeg

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