Mystic Orb - Creative Outburst 003

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Mystic Orb - Creative Outburst 003

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 18.28.39.jpg

A while ago I animated a ball falling on a surface in 3D space (with simulated physics). It took 20 hours to render and I wasn't quite happy with the result.. but I saved the render sequence. Only 125 frames, good enough for 5 seconds if your framerate is set to 25FPS (european standard, back in the day for broadcast).

So, I took the sequence and messed it up in After Effects. Added a few standard effects, like the kaleidoscope effect and made a tiny outburst of only a few seconds.

This is the original file:

But, you can see clearly some artifacts. The mesh was just not good enough.

Here is the result;


Lemme know what you think of it.



Damn bro! <3 Love it ^^

That's pretty sick!

I really like it :) It's very pretty, I love all the sleek and rainbowy colours !!!

Thanks, the material I used for the orb was more of a blackened reflective shader. The 3D lights around the object are reflected on the object, later in post-processing, the lights are distorted and exaggerated causing this "rainbowy" look.

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