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Affirm and continue to affirm until you believe that with God's help you can cope with the difficulty.
No panic. Let there be no panic for a difficulty can never be handled emotionally. Always keep it cool.
Organize. Organize the difficulty. Take it apart and study its component elements. New insight will come to you.
Think. Always apply sound, reasonable thinking.
Why me? Do not ask, " why me?" Or feel imposed upon when any difficulty comes that is the way life is. Everybody has difficulty sooner or later.
Patience. Practice patience, for some difficulty are not handled overnight.
Acceptance. Acceptance is important tell God that if you will accept his will and know that he will give you the strength needed.
Learn. Look for the the educational value in a difficulty so that you can handle a like situation another time.
Bigger. Every day affirm: God is bigger than anything that can happen to me.
Let Go and let God. When you have done all you can do. Put the difficulty in God's hands with confidence that he will show you the solution.


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