Sadly, depression does not mean depression

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Anyone due to or without reason can be upset. There is nothing in my own way that I feel sad. The boss of the office gave up, is upset The test did not produce good results, it was a bad idea. There is a quarrel with a loved one, it is also sad

Sadness is common in English or sadness, but it is not depression or depression. Mood or sadness is a normal feeling of human being. On the other hand, depression or depression is the emotional or long-term manifestation of emotion. Many times we feel sad because of depression, but we do not give any importance to depression. There are some differences between these two topics.

Sadness is a basic emotion. It is normal for a person to feel sad and sad in the life of a healthy person. What is meant by 'depression' or 'depression' in medical science is that it is more than just a bad mind. The cause of depression can not be found at some time. This 'endogenous' depression originated from within the body and mind. Again, if the sadness caused by various personal or social causes is irrationally more intense and long-lived, then he should say 'reactive' depression.


One of the key signs of depression is sadness or sadness or sadness. But this depressedness alone can not be called depression. There are some differences between depression and depression.

Depression is an emotional psychological disease. When common feelings like sadness are irrational, intense, and long-term (at least two weeks), surrounded by a person, inhibiting their normal living, activity and interaction, it is called depression. It has a qualitative and quantitative difference in the brain's 'serotonin' chemicals. Anyone can be attacked at any time. Regardless of religion-color, socioeconomic status, no one is at risk of depression. According to a survey by the National Mental Health Institute and the World Health Organization, there are 4.6 percent of men and women in depression in Bangladesh. It can also occur at any age, even in children. However, in most cases 30 to 40 years of age depression is seen for the first time. Apart from this 15 to 18 years of age and 60 years of age, the risk is slightly higher. Those who are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, respiratory problems, cancer, stroke, heart disease, and long-term diseases are more likely to have depression. There may be depression due to unemployment, poverty, loneliness, family and relationships, pregnancy and postpartum periods, divorce, living, immigration, drug use etc.


The general symptom of depression is that at least two weeks of time, most of the time being upset, do not like to do anything, mood gets annoyed, suddenly get angry, do the things that you used to do before, do not like them now, do not feel good Feeling tired, sleeping problems (such as sleeping in the early morning or sleeping or sleeping more), the problem of taste (like not wanting to eat, not being hungry)

There are also some physical problems that can not be found in other ways; Especially among women patients, such as headaches, discomfort in the head, head-body-arm-foot irritation, sticking to neck, body piercing, neck pain, knee joint pain, chest pain, chest pain, breathing trouble etc. The reasons for these physical problems are not available in any examination. It may seem very small and sophisticated, decreases in enthusiasm, decreases the tendency to join social events, and in some cases can lead to behavioral abnormalities. But keep in mind that not all of these signs will be present in one at all, and there are some symptoms that can be assumed that depression has become a disease among others. To diagnose depression, there must be a psychiatrist's help. According to a US study, those who have depression have 40 to 60 percent suicidal tendencies. It is important to quickly identify and treat depression to prevent quality living and suicide.


Depression is a science-based treatment. The important thing is that it is not possible to get rid of depression overnight. You have to be patient for this. The psychiatrist will have to give time. Follow the doctor's advice and take medication accordingly.


Not a bad disease. A basic emotion Sadness or sadness after any loss or injury is a normal reaction

Usually passing.

Most of the time, the reason for the sadness is found.

There is no need for any treatment for the mind.

Due to bad things, performance does not decrease significantly.

Less intensity of mind.

Both men and women are at risk of being depressed.

If there is a sadness, there is usually no physical symptoms.


Depression or Depression is a mental illness.

Generally lasting. Depression is hearty, lack of interest in some work, some physical symptoms have at least two weeks.

The cause of depression is not always known, there are no reasons.

There is a need for treatment for depression.

Due to depression, performance decreases significantly.

More about the severity of depression.

The risk of depression among women is twice the risk of men.

Depression can be seen in many physical symptoms, such as sleep problems, rheumatic problems, tiredness, and pain in the body.

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