Before you harass a female just remember - She is someone's sister. She is someone's mother. Respect all womens.

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Hlw guys, How are you ? i hope all of you are fine. So today i want to share with you a video clip which all about rapist .
so without delay let's get into the post

Over 50,000 women get raped every year throughout India and Pakistan. Before you harass a female just remember....
She is someone's sister.She is someone's mother.

Men should never forgot There is a pledge that will be taught us in the school "All Indians are my brothers and sister". Please guys remember it. I know my steemins friend you are not that's type of guys you guys are awesome. This post dedicated all thous guys who don't respect women.

If you guys like my post please show me your support and if you against the rape case in india please resteem and share with your friend. Give respect and take respect.

Jai hind.


Such a great thought for women.
We all should always respect a women and also treat them with love,Before harassing or disrespecting a women one should always think that all the women are also someone mother sister and love.And giving birth to us is also a women our mother who sacrifices so much for us and always remain busy with her works such as cooking,washing,cleaning,caring her chlidrens and many more and never think a second for her,and what some people are doing harassing and disrespecting womens,disrespecting and harassing womens is not humanity it all just cowardness one shows.We all should respect and love them.
Thanks for this awesome post and thought bro.

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