There's nobody like you

in #motivation4 years ago

People will find you, but they don't define you
And you will find people, who help redesign you
Just know, that you're not alone
Don't always have to be strong, all by yourself
it's okay to ask for help
But you have to get up and make a move
'Cause the world won't ever see you 'till you do
No, they don't really care what you're going through
So, you have to show them,
You have to show them the real you
You have to give them what you've got
No, don't let them see what you're not
Because you are strong,
You are wise
You are worth beyond a thousand reasons why
And you can't be perfect,
'Cause nobody's perfect, darling
But no, there's nobody in the world LIKE YOU


Wow really worth the read bro truly inspiring and with good rhymes too

Thanks bro, I appreciate

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