Forgive your past

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Good day everyone, I believe today has been wonderful as you desired it to be.

Many are unable to lay hold on the gains of today simply because they are not willing to let go of the pains of yesterday. Many others are moving round the circle with no clear direction to their destination because they are still conscious of yesterday failures and obstructions. Continue to work in this direction would only end in destruction, rejection and frustration.

Hooding on to the past that is filled with pains and disappointments would only deny you of what you can accomplish with your today. Until you are able to forgive yourself of all those previous mistakes, you won't be abstained from living in mistakes. How long do you want to continue living in your past errors? You just have to let go.

We've seen many past failures coming out to be the champions of today simply because they stop dwelling in their pasts. You fail yesterday not because you are a failure, but because you need to learn the failing ways so as to master the winning ways. Things didn't work out in the past is not enough reason not to try again today.

There is a sleeping champion in you, you have to let go of the past by embracing the present so as to awake the giant in you for a promising today and a better tomorrow.

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