Loosing is part of winning

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Good day to you all, I believe we've been having our days just the way we want it.

Good to come our way again.

Before we embark on a journey or before we started out on a new business, we always have success encrypted at the back of our mind, but this strong believe started fading away as we began to encounter obstructions and oppositions to our destination.

We can go as far as loosing interest in what we always believe to do, at time we believe things are working against us because it is against our star or God don't want us to do it. But, all these believes are from someone who's looking for reasons to back out.

A scenario like this should not be getting us unaware, maybe their is a need for us to start seeing failure as part of success and loosing as part of winning. To accomplish anything in life, their is always a process, don't let all your attention be on the product alone, take time to see the process as part of the product and you will be less disappointed when challenges of life surface.

For a determined mind, nothing is strong enough to convince you to stop doing what you already determine to do, but for those looking for reasons to quit, anything is enough to sweep them away.

I am Emmakwisequote, my pen don't write, it only bleed my heart on paper.

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