Stop the saying, start the doing

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Good evening everyone, trust you all had such a wonderful Sunday?

A million intention cannot produce the result of one action. What becomes of you is not as a result of many things you intended to do, but the few things you actually did.

I will do it later never get it done. Until you are ready to act, your many intentions cannot give you the result you desire. Many people wish for a better life, only few act to make it a reality. Are you among the few?

Hard work pays, but smart work pays better. In everything you plan to achieve, ensure you approach it smartly. That's is the only way to have a better result than the hard workers.

I don't know who need to see this, but until you turn your wishes to actions, you have not wish well at all....

I am Emmakwisequote, my pen don't write, it only bleed my heart on paper

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