Who do you see in your lonely days?

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Good day to you all, trust your day is has been so wonderful.

It is more easy to give a moving vehicle a push than a stagnant one. When a car is finally moving, even a toddler can give it a push and it will keep moving. The real work is in moving the car from its stagnant state and and not to keep moving a car already on motion.

The illustration above is just a parable on what I actually want to write about. A lot of time, we forget about the people that give us the push when we were not moving at all and celebrate those that are pushing us when we are already set on a motion, because we think their contribution were never enough. We believe we deserve better than what they offered, so we despise them when things start moving thinking those that offered us something big when we are already on motion do more than those in the days of our little beginning. Hell no!

I am not saying this to descredit the impact of new connections in our lives, but to give us a rethink that those people in the early days are matter too.

Your true friends are not those who lend you the light when everywhere is bright, but those who lend you the candle in the thick dark moment of your life, without them, you might not live to see the great light.

Those that join your ship when you are having the easy sail are not to call the true friends, but those who join you with their bows to pack out the water from the boat when the boat is about to sink.

Don't use people and dump them, if they are there for you when no one was there, please celebrate them now that everyone is around. It is a normal thing for people to come into your life when you are succeeding, only few stay with you when you were still trying to make the impact you are making now.

I am emmakwisequote, my pen don't write, it only bleed my heart on paper.

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