Who set the limit?

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Good day everyone, how has been your day?

Have you ever wondered why you naturally feel you can't when you are about to do something you've never done before. Do you also realize that there are times when you just feel you can do something even when you have never done it or something related before?

The two scenario above are the reason power to accomplish and power to give up are released. Once you think you can, you start seeing possibilities and different strategies to be employed to make impossible possible. Likewise, once you think you can't, the door to possibility would be naturally shut by your brain. It is like you shutting down your brain from thinking on the way forward.

Now, the question is this, what made you to feel you can when you tell yourself you can, and why do you think you can't when you tell yourself you can't? Who set this limit?

The answer is in your level of self-esteem. A low self-esteem individual will always see impossibility even in the midst of possibility, while the one with high self-esteem will see possibility in the midst of impossibility.

Grow your self-esteem, their is more to you than you have ever uncovered.

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