You are in the league of your own

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Good day to you all, I believe today has been awesome to you than yesterday?

Looking at yourself from the reflection of others would make you see nothing good about your life. Once you notice how flashy they are living, you become discouraged and looses your strength needed in making you to become a better you.

You begin to see your accomplishment as little when the standard of judging it is in the accomplishment of others. Your green field would appear less green when you are using the field of those around you to judge.

You are in the league of your own, you are your own judge. Whatever people say, feel or conclude about you is just an opinion. What you say to yourself matter the most. Stop comparing your accomplishments with theirs, they learn to appreciate what they have accomplished which you fail to do, that's why it appear better than yours.

Even if they are doing better than you, you don't need to feel bad for your own time would come too, but if you are trying to cut corners just to meet up with them, you can end up loosing out on your own appointed time. Appreciate whatever it is that you have accomplished, that is the only way to magnify it.

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