You pay for what you don't know how to do

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Good day everyone, I believe your day has been awesome just like mine.

You pay for what you don't know, while they pay you for what you know that they don't know. When it comes to value, there is no price human cannot pay to have it. We all desire something that we can pay any price to make such a thing ours. The problem is not the price, neither is it the value, but the problem is what we are paying for and why we pay for them.

What you don't know and don't want to know is what you pay dearly for. Once you know it, you stop paying.

It is obvious that you cannot know or master everything, but endeavor to be the best in at least what you do so that you won't be paying the price to those who have mastered your area of specialization.

Get books, go for training, improve on yourself so that you stand at the receiving end of those who fail to invest time and money on themselves. Once they know you can do it, they will trust you with their money and their resources.

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