You will have to close your eyes and block your ears

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Good evening, trust you had a wonderful day?

One wise man once said the best marriage is between a blind husband and a deaf wife. I cant agree less with this statement. The husband must decide not to see all the faults in his wife and likewise the wife must be ready not to listen to everything said about her husband for a perfect marriage to take place.

If you know you are going somewhere too, you have to behave like the husband and the wife in the above illustration. You don't see all the facts they are showing you why it won't work out, and you don't listen to all they are telling you why you won't become what you purpose to become.

If you see all the faults or you listen to all the facts, you might end up missing out on the way. Whatever you do, people will talk. But, how far you will go in life has a lot to do with what you see and what you listen to.

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