Determination. Is. Key.




I have been battling with myself to find the thing I go to bed dreaming about, and wake up excited to work on.

This morning, I got up at 3:45 didn't even notice the time and began my morning micro habit to start the day.
With a motivational song playlist, and a short message to myself on why I am doing what I'm doing and who it's for and why.
I was a bit tired still, but I was ready.. And I began working. Before the sun was up, I was already done with more work on my goals then most do in an entire day.
It felt pheonomenal. It's barely afternoon as I'm writing this, and quite honestly when you have early mornings, and the fire to burn through those difficult tasks before the world wakes up- you're golden. The rest of the day is cake. You feel like you're floating.

Know what drives you.
Write it down.
Make an art project out of it.
Do a dream board.
Do something.
There isn't 'chances' to live our dreams,
it's hard work, and sweat.
Believe in your dreams, invest in yourself, and create your reality truthfully.

Start out with microhabits, if your dream is to run a marathon.. Start by putting your running shoes on in the morning first thing when you wake up.
Don't force yourself to go on lengthy runs every morning,
all you need to do is make sure YOU put your shoes on.

The rest will come.. In due time.
But, celebrate the little victories.
Train your habits, train your subconscious.
Let's paint the world with our dreams, and show the next generation what it's like..
To live fearlessly.

How about a short poem to close?

Fearless be the lions roar,
even though the mane may sometimes quiver.
Fearless be the determined paw upon the ground,
even though the breathe may tremble still.
Fearless be the deciscion to come here on earth,
even though we enter crying.
Fearless be he who dances through the night,
even though the cold nips at his lungs.
Fearless, are those-
who decide..
To act above fear
and hold their breathe near.


Nice peice of writing @enterthespectrum. No one who quits ever win. But determination is key to not quitting. Determination is therefore key to winning.

Hey Blake, great article on "seeing" and watering the vision of ones desires. "Micro-habits" and small "wins" each day add up to BIG gains. Cool to be connected here in the Steem community. Upvoted & following :)