Mastering positive habits

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Mastering habits enables you to take control of your life but before mastering a habit, habits has to be formed but why is it so hard to adopt good habits like eating healthy food or everyday exercising?
To answer these questions it is important to understand what we are doing wrong when trying to make such changes regarding habits as it takes the same kind of things to master the craft of discipline. Which are:

  • Continuous learning
  • Single-minded devotion to the purpose
  • Repeated practice
  • Turn toward the problem instead of running from it

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Tips for mastering habits

  • Proceed with a task even when I’m not in the mood: This would help strengthen your will power and would also eliminate procrastination, set yourself to do a task, and start doing it, no matter what.
  • Use Your Environment to Your Advantage: Our environment plays an important role in the formation of habits. We tend to do the same things in the same circumstances
  • Stick to one habit at a time: Don’t try to add or change too many habits at the same time, when you switch between habits it is hard to stick with a habit after their initial enthusiasm dies down
  • Concentrate on consistency first then intensity: Don't be tempted to do too much right from the start take things one step at a time but maintain consistency no matter how difficult it may be, if you do too much at a given time you might eventually get exhausted and quit
  • Celebrate any small progress: This would help to build your morale, it could be a positive self-talk or a smile in the mirror just to encourage yourself, remember you are your biggest fan
Tracking your progress would give you ideas for stopping bad habits and empowering the good ones. NOTE: Create the habit first, then build the intensity

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