Even when it hurts like hell

in #motivationlast year


Sometimes we go through challenges that might look like it is the end of us but do not despair because God told us to always give thanks no matter the challenges and trials we are facing.

We all have gone through some terrible,horrible life events that are sometimes depressing and life threatening but again, no matter how tremendously painful these events are, we must think deep and show an ounce of thankfulness for things that are happening and that won't happen again.

When we pass through fire and brimstone,in due time it will all end in praise.You will come shining through and you will be able to advice or help others down the line who are going through this same path you tread on.

Dire situation makes us feel hopeless and broken but songs like 'Even when it hurt by Hillsong' helps remind us to sing the praises of God in the good and bad times.That no matter how dark the night gets,God still deserves our all.

The song is teaching us that even when our strength is lost we must praise him and when we are at a loss for words,we must praise him.Sorrows and tears are like mountain weight and times like this it doesn't make sense to give thanks because it hurts like hell...but it is profitable to say thanks.

Learn to praise him in the dark and turbulent time, so that when morning comes you won't find it hard or difficult to thank hm then.

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