Fear no more

in #motivationlast year

This morning a friend of mine lost his dad to the cold hands of death.He is not young neither is he an elderly man, he is just a man who is set to start reaping the fruit of his labour.He woke up this morning feeling funny and he was rushed to the hospital.He then slumped and died with no cause and all and autopsy is been carried out presently but then will that bring back the lost soul, NO.Let us take time to look after our health,take time out to check on your loved ones.Death is unpredictable and so is life, no human can predict when a life is being formed or when a life will be taken.Take care of your health and do good while your are on earth.

This reminds me of this song that helps me when times and circumstances are waging war against me.It reminds me about how I am not in this battle called life alone and that there is someone greater than me that is fighting this battle on my behalf.Most times we always work up our heart and mind thinking about tomorrow and thinking of ways to make it better.This song is telling us that there is someone way higher than us that will share his courage with us when we worry, he alone is greater than the battles raging against us.That fear has no impact in our journey except to set limitations in our path.


Here is a gentle reminder to us all that there is a power that is taking care of our issues when we believe and have faith in him.Lay everything in his care and when the storm is coming he will shelter us, and days when we feel we have no more strength in us to carry on, he will come and revive us.He will be our motivator,encourager,angel,fighter,helper when we give him the control of our life.We will overcome because he will win on our behalf.Fear no more friends because God is working in ways we cannot see.


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Rip to your friends dad....my friend also lost his dad 2 days ago...not old not young...though been sick...now gone. It is well...hope youre good

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