For every goal they must be a pursuit. Goals don't fulfill themselves.

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When the world sits on your shoulder what do you do to get back up?


Our emphasis as a nation, organisation or as individuals should be taking responsibility. Every man must learn to take responsibility for himself.

Jesus christ told a story of a blind man who was at a pool for a long time, he has been there for about 38 years telling stories of misfortune and how his case was impossible. A lot of people met him and left him there, at the same spot.

In life, age can just be a number.

There are people who can meet you where you are and leave you behind irrespective of your age, if you choose to remain static and unprogressive.

Just as a lame man couldn't get into the pool fast enough when the angels that the water, people will always weak car and got into the pool before he did. That is to say that life is a race; a competition. The things you want, the job you desire, the position you're aiming for, other things that you want, people also wants them to. The question is who is going to get it? Who will obtain it? Who will pay the price to make that dream a reality?

Every dream has a price. For every goal they must be a pursuit. Goals don't fulfill themselves, they are not realise without an intense pursuits. Somebody has to make a move. You are where you are today either by design or by default. You are responsible for your current outcomes and your future will be premised on the choices you are making now. So you must take responsibility.

Another problem is a lot of people are usually too lazy to succeed how do I mean?
Let's say for example you decide to write a book, you will go through the process of writing the first sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter until it is completed. Now there will be times when you have a mental block and there's no inspiration but if you go back to eat and if it's abandon your dream you will eventually complete it. You must of course be ready to pay whatever price is required, you must remove yourself from any environment that would interfere with your creativity and be ready to read the book as many times as it will take for you to produce an excellent piece. Now here lies the problem a lot of people are not willing to sacrifice this much time into bringing out a wonderful book as such an hid the first holder or get the first writers block, they tend to give up and such great books and never written.

Be prepared for destructive critics soon see anything good in what you have written.

Remember the story of Robert Kiyosaki who couldn't get anyone to publish his manuscript because this belief that no one would read it. He however managed to print and publish a thousand copies which he personally finance. Still he couldn't get any bookstore to display his book because it was believed that no one would read it. Finally he was able to convince a friend who own the car wash port to allow him display them months went by and one day a traveller but a copy and was so inspired by the content he ordered for the main 999 copies. The rest as they say today is history. Today whatever Robert Kiyosaki writes gets the attention of publishing houses, but there was a time when nobody believed in Robert Kiyosaki but himself.


Do you believe in yourself just enough to do more than you can do right now? All things are possible to him that believes. Remember the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Whatever you believe in you will soon be living in.


@joecxt Indeed your caption is intriguing; goals don't fulfil themselves, also, that they don't set themselves either. He who sets the goal has something in mind. Therefore, he has to pursue it with all vigor and the seriousness it deserves, knowing that for every goal there are contentious and some likely prevailing circumstances.
But one thing is cock sure, just pursue it tenaciously and be focused, you are sure to smile at the end; if "only and only" you set realizable goal.

they don't set themselves either.

This is so true..

Good post! Very encouraging!

I'm very much a believer in the "pursuit" being the cornerstone of our lives. I believe the pursuit of our dreams is just as, if not more, important that the fulfillment because you never know what is possible.

Thanks for that addition.. and thanks for stopping by..