On The Path To Fulfilling Your Dreams, You Must Study The Process.

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A child is a gift, an adult is a product, being responsible is a choice.

Training is key..

Untill he shows a change in attitude, develops and shows a sense of discipline and commitment to achieving goals set before him, we will all quite agree that no one will entrust any thing of value to untrained and untested hands.
The easily identifiable elements of maturity must be seen in him before greater responsibilities and access to such responsibility be placed in his hands..

Now, being a child is by birth, but coming to maturity as we grow older is by choice, and there is usually a process in between.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail mostly lies in the process they apply. While some fail because they apply the wrong process, other fail because they apply no process at all.


Who do not go through any process usually do not last, because it is processed as a priest the authentic from the cosmetic. Let us also consider king saul, who was looking for his father's ashes, but he found a true he wasn't looking for and was crowned as the first king of israel. He slipped up so bad that god had to change the order.

A person like this in history was Samuel Doe, a sergeant who suddenly became the head of state. Now a person usually doesn't just go from being a sergeant to becoming the head of state, he is likely to make grievious mistakes and that's exactly what happened with this man. The nation of liberia is yet to fully recover from the effects of civil war precipitated by field and dysfunctional leadership.


Training is important and going through god's process is important. Also going through the right process cannot be overemphasized.