When Your Heart and Your Mind Is In It ☀️

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Okay, so I’ve been a bit of a distracted Steemian lately. I’ve been around but not nearly as much as I am normally. At the end of the day I only like to post while the price is up hahaha. No seriously, all jokes aside, I’ve just been distracted the past month. I can get quite obsessed when I put my mind to something and at the beginning of August I made the decision that by the end of the month I would have a new job.

Some people have long term plans and a very detailed way of how they go about achieving them. I get bored easily so long term doesn’t really work for me. I do have a vague idea of where I want to end up. It’s just that I’ve learnt to adapt to my short attention span haha. That and the fact that things can change so quickly, especially when you have kids, and I’ve just found it easier for me to have a sort of idea and smaller and more focused goals on the road to getting there.

We’re all different after all and we should take our own personality, short comings and circumstances into account to decide on which approach would better suit us. I find that by doing it this way I don’t burn myself out. Not only do I get bored easily, but I also become quite obsessive about whatever it is that I’m trying to achieve in that short time frame. Can you imagine if I had to focus on more than one major thing at a time? I’d drive myself batty. If I don’t set a very specific deadline, I’ll procrastinate and never get it done at all. If it’s too far in the future, I’ll just get bored as I’m not getting any feedback from my actions.

I’ve come to learn this about myself. This approach works for me. One goal at a time and a realistic and short time frame in which to achieve it. I find that when I do it like this I’m constantly working on it. If we take August as an example in my mind it would have worked something like this: I need to get a new job. What do I need to do to get a new Job? Do these things every single spare moment until it happens.

So that is exactly what I did. I sorted out my online profiles, updated my CV and checked every single job posting website I could several times a day. In the end I probably ended up applying for well over 20 positions. I arranged a meeting with a recruitment agent and no matter how despondent I felt I did not stop trying.

Not only was I doing these actions every single day but I was also making sure that I kept telling myself that by the end of the month I would have a job every single time I felt insecure. I’ve always believed that our minds can be incredible powerful. It’s almost like if we believe in something hard enough and we constantly put in the effort that it will be. Please just be realistic though, it must still be something that is attainable with your skillset and means.

Towards the end of the month I had still not received any feedback from any of my applications. I was starting to feel despondent and like it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t allow those feelings to stop me from trying though. I kept trying and kept telling myself that it would happen. Then I got a call and they wanted to see me for an interview. I went for the interview on the Wednesday, met the MD on the Thursday and on Friday the 31st of August, he called me to tell me that I had the job!

As I sit here writing about it I am still so incredibly thankful. I’ve used this approach many times and it’s always worked for me. The only trick is that it must be what I truly want. If my hearts not in it my mind won’t be either.

Thank you for reading and remember to keep smiling 😊
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You reached what you were dreaming about, no matter how you attain a goal it is an achievement, congratulations @jusipasetti

Visiting from #steemitbloggers have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much @joanstewart. Hope you have a wonderful day too.

My eyes got wet towards the end of your blog jusi, that is great news!
I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Robin Banks, the Mindpower guru I call him. If he ever comes to Cape Town, try to go to one of his talks, it's sooo inspiring. I won a course when we went to listen to his free intro talks and sent Dean on it - Dean was working as a bank teller at Standard Bank at the time, could not get into their IT Dept so he left and joined an IT company and look where he is now - seconded to the same bank as a Java developer and they now have to pay big bucks for his service!
So you're doing the right thing - visualise your dream and it will become your reality:)
Good luck with the new job!

Thank you so much for your kind words @lizelle. I'm really excited about it. I will definitely jot his name down and look out for any talks. So amazing that Dean is doing so well for himself, I'm sure you are both very proud.

@jusipassetti congratulations on the new job and attaining your target. Well done. I love to focus my hopes and attention on the second part of your adventure. The unexpected phone call and the result. At our charity we have witnessed many such miracles, someone calls us out of the blue and they say that they have this or that for the poor. Normally huge quantities of goods such as for instance 49,000 bottles of shampoo that Papillon distributed far and wide to worthy causes. The mind is indeed a powerful tool. Blessings!

That does sound like quite an unexpected blessing @papilloncharity and I'm sure that it all went to some very deserving people. I love hearing about stories like that. It is truly amazing what happens in ones life :)

Congrats on your new job. I was unemployed for a few months last year so I understand what a relief it is to hear good news.

I am impressed that you know enough about yourself to not place yourself in a box that you won't fit in well. Keep making those small goals and keep accomplishing them. It is not bad to be different. It is just bad if you don't​ know how to live with your differences.

Thank you very much @sumatranate. Over the years I have figured it out after failing a few times with trying different things. I really appreciate your kind words of support.


Congratulations on the new job. Great self-motivational technique.


Thank you very much @quillfire.

Congratulations on getting the job and on not giving up! I like the idea of setting one goal for the month! I too find myself get bored too quickly and all my little goals are quickly scattered and in shambles -I wish that I could be more focused - I'll definitely try your method of trying a bigger, broader goal for set time!

Thank you very much @wildwanderer. It works well for me and hopefully it can for you too 😀

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