If you want to win and be successful, think a decade ahead- Jack Ma.

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I often search and watch speeches and motivational things from different inspirational figures on youtube or on other media. Well to be true those motivational videos doesn't motivate me at all, if it does that ends with the video. However, I like to watch speeches and thoughts of different influential people that only helps me to learn things from different aspects.

Today I was watching a video of Jack Ma discussing his personal experience and things on Word Economic Forum. Every people have different thoughts and perceptions that contrary to others. And this guy certainly is an inspirational story for many. He has shared some really great points and the whole video is a worth to watch.

But here I want to share a short clip and the prase inside that get in my mind.

Jack Ma breaks down how to set goals for success, which, he says, can be achieved by creating realistic benchmarks and looking further than several weeks into the future. Think a full decade ahead.

If you want to be successful tomorrow it's impossible. If you want to be successful a year later, it's impossible. But if you want to win Ten years later you have a chance.

Personally, I so much agree with this saying. Being successful overnight is impossible. Being successful in a year is also almost impossible, but this depends on what being successful means to somebody and his mindset towards it.Not to forget that we have witnessed many cases where fast success haven't lasted long.

But if you want to win ten years later you have a chance.

I so much agree with this sentence. If we think of a longer ahead, set our goal, and mindset and work on it we will definitely win.

In case you want to check the full video


Hey @katteasis How are you doing brother? Very inspiring videos. Ani k kasto hudaicha Steemit ma?

Thikai chaldai cha bro. I was thinking about you many times bro kata gayab vayachau vanera.Nice to see you again.arko better platform vetiyo ki k ho?:P

Testo hoina. Ma kam ley garda busy thiya. Facebook ma ahu na. Kailey kai kura garnu huncha. Steemit kai user name cha.

He nailed it! Those are some wise words...

He is inspiring figure in asia.

not only in asia

I totally agree with him, it's years of hard work that make you successful not overnight stunt. People like him are very inspirational. Thumbs up for sharing

I see where this is coming from, but thinking to far ahead never works out. the guy who invented the CASIO calculator ended up being broke by inventing an electric car in the 1960's. Sometimes the world inst ready for the change.

And you can take cryptos as a sample example too.

I admire Jack Ma and his story a lot. This is an interesting point of view since I never taught about looking a decade ahead. Thanks for sharing. Definitely something to think about.