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Give yourself permission to just GO FOR IT! ✊🏻🚀

You might not know everything right now or you may not have all the resources but the most IMPORTANT thing to do is TAKE ACTION ... (and figure the rest out later)

Most people sabotage themselves before they get to the TAKE ACTION stage because the mind has a funny way of protecting us from Danger and it actually stops us from taking these all-important risks in life, leaving us dead in our tracks ☠️

We are all guilty of dwelling on questions like “Am I good enough” or “What if I fail” and at the end of the day this will just waste all of our physical and emotional energy...💭 (And no one needs that, right?)

A great way I learned to overcome this is talking about it and realising these patterns. When I feel a moment come on, this might be a loss of enthusiasm or loss of hope or I question my ability, I just become aware of it, write them out, identify them, think about them, and if they're true, squash them!!! 🥊 Replace your negative questions with positive answers “I can do this” or “How can I improve this”

Remember you get what you focus on… !!! Realising these patterns early on will help you eliminate any negativity and will give you more room to TAKE ACTION and achieve what you want in life 💯

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Have you ever felt this way and what did you do to squash the negative feelings?


This got me a lot. But finally I woke up. I learned to be strong always and be positive no matter what the difficulties. If I do not do this, then I am the loser

I'm glad you liked it @mohamadshwa5 That is so important just keep pushing :) Life will always throw a curveball in your way it's just how you deal with it that matters, and staying positive is the best way to be

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