Why You Focus on Changing the Things That You Focus on

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The question "how do you focus on changing the things that you think?" is important because it's the initial obstacle you must overcome when you wish to change something. You can't just change your thoughts, because if you didn't change them first then where would you be if you did? Think about this for a moment... what do you focus on when you are trying to make changes in any area of your life? It's not what you focus on that matters most, its what you do with what you already have that counts.

So, to start you need to focus on something that has already happened. Is there anything that you can think of that has changed how you feel or the way you think about a specific issue? I've talked about this in previous articles, but here is the crux: change happens when what we focus on changes. If you think about the situation any time that you change something, even if it is just for the better, then you will focus on the change and nothing else.

As an example, consider the situation when you were a kid and you had asthma. Asthma was a thing that you couldn't really do much about because it kept you from living a normal life. You could use inhalers to get through the day, but that wasn't really treating your condition. You focused on the inhaler... so you thought about the inhaler. You focused on getting the inhaler... so you focused on that... until it happened.

When you realize that asthma isn't going to control your life any longer, and you have to change it, you have to change the way you think about it. Instead of focusing on the inhaler... or being angry at God for making you get the inhaler... or thinking that no one else can do anything about your condition... you have to focus on the change. Instead of focusing on what could change about your life... you have to focus on what can change about your life. And it's not just about getting better... it's about finding out how to make any life change work for you.

Change happens for a reason... and most often it happens in spite of our thoughts. When you really focus on changing the things in your life, then those things that used to cause you stress and worry will start to change. Those things that used to give you grief or sadness will change to something that makes you happy. Those things that used to make you worry about every little thing will change into things that just give you joy.

By changing your attitude towards change, you focus on the change. And when you change your attitude toward change, you also change the things that you focus on... you focus on the change. And when you change your attitude toward change, you change the life that you are creating right now.

So, instead of thinking that change is bad or doesn't exist, change your attitude toward change to being amazed by the change. Instead of thinking that the problem is too big, focus on the problem. And when you focus on the problem, change the way you think about the problem. This can be done simply by changing your attitude toward change.

Now, change is not always easy. Sometimes it can feel like it's never gonna happen. And other times, you may be afraid that you just can't change your attitude. But there is hope for you. You can change your attitude towards change in order to change the things that you focus on. If you can do this, you'll change your life and start attracting change into your life.

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