What do you need for success?

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I got to this point of life with success, through hard work.
I am successful because I am smart and independent.
I know what to invest in, and how to make a business.
And I know how to get programming jobs independently.
And I have the ideas that I work on to make into reality.
Making the systems of the future is rewarded.

My success did not come from luck.
It did not come from some voodoo bullshit.
It did not come from having a magical tree.
It did not come from having a girlfriend with gold hair.

It came because of me.
I paid all my debt, on my birthday.
I bought a brand new Tesla Model X, on my birthday.
The person who made that possible is me.
My success is because of me.

All you need to have, is the will to be successful.
If you have the will to be successful, you will do it.
You will find the way to fulfill your dreams.

When you have will, you will study and improve.
You will work hard to find ways to achieve it.
In the end, you will learn many ways.

Now think about your dreams and wishes.
Let me give you an example of will.
In the Saw movies, John Kramer say:
"I want to play a game"
"Do you have what it takes to survive?"
"Do you have the will to live?"
"Live or die, make your choice"

So now I will tell you:
I want to play a game.
Do you have the will to succeed?
Succeed or fail, make your choice.


When you work hard, you learn enough to identify good opportunities and say no to the bad ones. Was luck in the equation? No. It’s a ghost. It scares the unprepared and serves the prepared.



“The will to win, dedication to work hard, creativity to overcome obstacles, ability to plan ahead and the fortitude to deal with tough times are all essential. Without these qualities one can not become a champion.”

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If you work for your goals, you will become successful. Because your intentions create your circumstances. And unfortunately, those who aren’t successful think the other way around.

Hard work is necessary in order to attain success in all aspects of life. Nothing comes to you without putting in the work, dreams do not materialize but through consistent action.


Have you ever seen a successful person cry about luck? Only mediocre people weave stories of luck to justify their failures. If you want to have something, work for it, never complain.

I am eagerly inspire by your post.
Thanks for sharing your valuable post @olsm

To succeed in any field on planet earth, you only need one ingredient, perseverance. Your education, status, house, network, none of that matters. What matters is that you apply your will every single day on making your dreams real.

I am really happy to find you. I like this types of attitude. I must follow you, @olsm

At the end of the day, you are solely responsible for your success and your failure. And the sooner you realize that, you accept that, and integrate that into your work ethic, you will start being successful. As long as you blame others for the reason you aren't where you want to be, you will always be a failure...

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You owe it to yourself to look back one day and say THAT WAS THE MOMENT.
That was the moment I decided NO MORE
that was the moment I decided NO EXCUSES
that was the moment I said NEVER AGAIN
you owe it to yourself
No one else…

Do it for you
You owe yourself that much.
You owe it to yourself to be great
You owe it to yourself.

Stop Settling
Most people settle, What have you settled for lately? You know when you make an out of court settlement that means that you have decided to take something less than you originally wanted to get had you gone in to court and the reason that you’ve settled out side of court is because you didn’t believe that you could get it. Many of us are making an ‘In life Settlement’. We are settling for less than what we actually deserve. We don’t feel good about it but we make it work in our minds.
stopppppppp that be hunter and hunt down success like a Lion !

Agree with you, this is inspiring.

As for your golden hair girl... She's Polish? A man like you needs a real Norwegian beauty! 😋


Positive thinking

is an important element to build a strong self-confidence. It’s important to look at things positively, especially when things aren’t going as per plans and you really want to give up.If you keep thinking negative about things or you feel you won’t succeed, it may influence things around you in such a way that all your negative predictions will come true which will make you more and more upset.
This happens in the cases where you need to work hard to achieve your goals, or if you need to persuade others to support you in order to succeed.Your thoughts have a major influence on your success or failure, so make sure those thoughts are “on your side.”

Success ain't getting from merely dreaming
If success comed from only dreaming
Then the failure word would have disappeared from the earth. You need to delve into yourself and look where you are heading towards
If you want to look what your future holds
Look in yourself how the time of flow passes from you.

thanks for sharing this motivational post.
a motivated person can change his life.
a failure can achieve success by some motivation. I always try to motivate people not become worry & how gain success.

Success the crown of achievement for every milestone surpassed.

Success the joy and dream of every parent for his or her offspring.

Success the envy of many but the reality of few.

Success, in simple terms for those few, a way of life.

Being successful isn’t a trait reserved for the elite or a select few in the society, it isn’t bestowed to any particular human at the point of birth or given by chance, although some lucky people indeed stumble upon it.

Yes, i have the will to improve my life and i don't know what others think about my decisions, i left my job because my family needed my time and that corporate job holded me at one place, but i resigned my job with will, i never planned what i will do but i believed myself and my will, faced 6 months of tough time initially and afterwards, after thorough research i got introduced with Steemit, and whatever little I've earned and invested in Steem Power, i have done that through powering up of my rewards. I am still at infant stage and i am not expert in any field, but in my opinion i am expert of strong mental attitude and i know how to handle tough times and that's why i stood strong on this platform after many roller-coaster journey. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Couldn't agree more! You are responsible for your own success, and it comes from hard work 100%. Just gathering information/knowledge definitely counts! You rock👏

Yes ...@olsm. I agree with you! .The success needed hard work and had to go through a tough challenge.and now I am still trying to achieve my goals and ideals by working hard.I heard from my teacher: My success depends on what which I myself do.

Your article is very interesting, I personally believe in hardworking , success comes only after a big hardworking and not by chance.
You really motivate me thank you.

one of the most motivative article..
thanks for sharing dear..
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Your article is very motivated my best friend hopefully this article I can take advantage in success there greeting success froma my @ssatria743 to @olsm.