Know where you are going – that is your target

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To really simplify the game and live day to day not worrying about anything is to know your target and focus on it. My target is to be in the moment and know whatever seems bad will pass. This is a given in this life.

James Clear echoes the same thoughts. His solution is to commit to a process not a goal. I believe I will adapt his way of doing things. He says to release the need for immediate results and focus on your target.

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An astronaut talking about his new book after living in space for one year says the way he made it for one year living in such danger is by focusing on what he could control and not thinking of about the rest.

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To me this is very sound advice, as it frees your mind so you can enjoy life and be happy.

Sometimes obstacles can seem bigger than they really are.

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First, keep things simple by knowing your target.
Second release the need for immediate results.
Third focus on what you can control and ignore the rest.

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To progress in life we ​​should not focus on problems but on solutions. Problems blind us and solutions help us solve problems.

you are right.. that is a good philosophy to live by

Agree! Simplifying is great... creates so much happiness!

yes.. life is supposed to be fun.. with a lot of good food too . :)

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