The epic formula to say what is on your mind

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While attending the Dale Carnegie Course I notice people are missing from class. A fellow student informs me many skip this class. My apprehension rises to a higher level as I find out why.

In this class today we get up on stage to speak on a subject of importance or tell a personal story. Seated in the front rows are people continually screaming, "sit down" and things like we don't want to hear what you have to say. The louder you become the louder they get. I could hardly catch my breath while yelling to the back rows wanting to hear me.

The people in the back are shouting, “We want to hear you.” I keep focusing on the back rows never looking toward the nay Sayers. Finally getting my words out and an ovation. That day I will never forget.

It can feel like we are not good enough at times if we let the hecklers get the best of us, even in our own heads. The formula is to know we are good enough, release the negative whether it is from ourselves or someone else.

We can ignore the negative statements surfacing from time to time in our heads until we realize they are accumulating like cobwebs. The solution is to write those thoughts down one by one in the light of day clearing them away.

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Stay strong and Steem on!


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I dropped out of art college for a similar reason

Sorry to hear that @wales. :(

Hey, @rebeccabe.

Wow, that sounds like quite the experience. I might be able to handle it now, but when I was in my teens or twenties, no way. Too busy trying to fit in to try to stand out.

Congratulations on getting through it and the standing ovation.

It does seem like we're constantly shouting over people to be heard, especially if what we need to say is less popular or not exactly complimentary. Saying the hard things that are true can be pretty difficult, but we do need to be true to ourselves and do what we feel is right, or else we end up feeling worse than if we tried and failed.

I really like the quote you have their from Dale Carnegie at the end. If more of us knew that, and believed it, the world would be a much more amazing place.

Same here .. I think I was in my thirties...
In here it is tough to be everything to everyone so I just try and do what I do the best I can and be nothing.. omg that sounds strange .. hope you get what I mean. haha!

re: tough to be everything

Yes, it is, and since we don't have to be, that's fine.

re: be nothing

I get what you're saying. You do your best, and people can decide what they want to do without you needing to be something you're not. Which isn't nothing, but it's not what you think they might want for the sake of it.

That's kind of funny in and of itself, really. I've found any time I've tried to be what I thought someone else wanted, it wasn't what they wanted, nor was it what they actually needed. They wanted and needed me. Which was kind of nice. No more need to pretend otherwise. :)

Howdy rebeccabe! no way! That class was really like that? No way I'd do that, you are very gutsy. lol. I salute you. I love the quote at the end by Dale Carnegie.

howdy back at ya Texan @janton

Wow! That would be hard to do. Good for you!

Thanks @melinda010100 If I had known I probably would have skipped that class too. ;)

Jim took that class 30 years ago and often credited it with changing his life and he referred to it often. Wish I could ask him about that class session!

That is probably how long ago it was for me. Time flies.. Jim seems like someone I would really like.. you keep him alive talking about him. I enjoy reading and seeing photos you guys experienced together.. :)

Even though he has been gone for two years he remains such a huge part of my life that I cannot imagine not talkin about him! Thanks for your kind words. He was so outgoing that it was hard not to like him.

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