Two top qualities of high performing CEOs (from my personal observation).

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Passion: The best CEOs are the brilliant sales people and are passionate about their 'work.' So, If you wake up in the morning and think you are going to work today, you are doing it wrong. You need to reinvent yourself.


Don't see work as a job. Find an occupation you love, you will never 'work' again in your life.

Optimism: The very best are incredibly optimistic. They believe that they can accomplish anything. For sure, you can accomplish ANYTHING, especially in business if have a positive outlook. I have dissociated with people who are negative and can see the results for myself. So, a positive attitude is very important.

Now, I'm slightly deviating from the topic.... apologies! Small groups of people are always the absolute winners. They are far more productive. So, it is not the big companies one needs to be worried about for competition; it is always the couple of guys and girls in the garage who change the world!

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optimism is a way to success but sometimes it is hard to stay positive..
how to develop this skill?)

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I totally agree to the both points but adding a point in my humble opinion

A good CEO must have
Believe in his team. He invests in his team and then team will help him achieve his goal and passion :)

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Yeah! While there are many to it. The two point mention are very important because I have good experience about that.

Passion and Optimism.

The two have something in common. it is hard to be optimistic about what you don't have passion for and hard to be passionate about what you are not optimistic about.

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A lot of people have leadership qualities, you need not always be a CEO or high level position person to display that. I have seen many ordinary people working silently and doing extraordinary things and succeeded

Of course! There is no relationship at all.

I guess, I have covered that in my last sentence, "it is always the couple of guys and girls in the garage who change the world!"