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It is interesting to note that we do not need a bomb to destroy a mighty building. All we need to do is shut it down for 10years and it starts to crumble. It is the movement of people in and out that makes a house strong and durable.


"Because of laziness the building decays"(Eccl.10:18).

This scripture quoted above is not strictly about buildings; it refers to the human body. The body will gradually break down if there is lack of activity. God creates the body for motion, and this is why you must exercise. Let me illustrate the point like this:

If I want to fight Anthony Joshua (The world boxing champion) and I know that my strength is in my right fist, then I wrap my right hand up for months to preserve it for the match. I stop shaking hands, eating or using it in any way for the next six months because I am saving the hand for Anthony Joshua, so that when I give him one blow, he dies seven times. Can you guess who will die during the fight? Yes, me. Why? Because the only way to give strength to that hand and train it is by usage. Idleness kills it.



For years, I have erroneously thought that future is a place we are going to, and so I used phrases like "when I get to the future"; if you still think like that, then you will soon discover that your mates have left you behind because the future is not where we are going but a place we are creating.
I put it like this:
The future you do not create you cannot predict and if you don't create the future you want, you have to endure the future you get.
The word MAN means you have a

The thing about life is that if you don't get the Morning right, you will not know it until Afternoon. Also, if you mess up the Afternoon, it does not show up till Night, and by then it is late. Many people who messed up their opportunity to have a formal education do not even realize what they missed out until much later.

I discovered that in life, you are either paying or playing. I chose to pay early so I can play later.


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