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RE: Allow yourself TO BE yourself

in #motivational3 years ago

This is such a brilliant piece of writing @zen-art and something that EVERYONE should read!!!

What have you done for yourself?

Funny, the older I have gotten, the more I consider myself in the equation. In fact, just today I was confronted with a VERY difficult situation and for once in my bloody life, I actually said NO, I will NOT allow this anymore, and I DESERVE better! So I stopped it in its tracks!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that every moment that passes, is gone forever and we will blink and our lives will be over...

I wont expend my energy on people, places, or things that rob me or my life of joy!


I am so proud of you for learning to stand up for yourself and knowing when to say no. That is such a huge accomplishment and not everyone achieves that. Much love and keep enjoying life 💚

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