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RE: Allow yourself TO BE yourself

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I really liked the approach you made towards this interesting discussion. We become wiser a person when we learn to accept that not always the people around us will agree with what we think. Sometimes the people might just oppose us and we have to learn that it is a normal thing in life.

Allow me to make a funny question :) What has been the hardest time you have had when facing the opposition of someone you knew to one of your ideas?

P.S. Mine was with my wife when we were choosing the name of our son. Today I think that hers was the better call :)

Best regards.

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Ou, that is an interesting question and one that is impossible to have only one answer. I am surrounded with many different people, from different backgrounds and with a really different view about almost everything. Some have a very strong opinion about things they hold dear or believe in so discussions are always interesting. I am weird to them just like they are to me but we like each other despite our differences :D

I'm a glad that my question served the purpose of raising some experiences from your memory.
You're totally right, we can we alongside with people despite not being always on the same line in many subjects. Even more, we can be friends or even family as it is my case.
Cheers :)

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