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RE: Allow yourself TO BE yourself

in #motivational3 years ago

You could have written this post with me in mind lol. I worry too much about what people think and being rejected. I actually read that this is a tendency for someone with my astrological chart and whilst I don't put everything in the stars it did make me feel a little better because I have worked for a very long time trying to not give a fuck about what people think and being my own self and have the courage to do so and can never understand why this is so bloody difficult for me. My logical mind understands this perfectly and it would be the advice I give someone else lol. Well aren't we all works in progress we haha. Thanks babe for another informative and useful Post. Your post should be recommended reading for everyone

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We are all work in progress, that is kind of the entire point, right? Imagine how boring our lives would be if we were perfect and knew everything. Searching, learning and developing is what makes life fun and interesting. I am glad you enjoyed the post, much love 💚


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