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RE: Allow yourself TO BE yourself

in #motivational3 years ago

This is a wonderful piece, a lot of things I know but sometimes lose sight of. I appreciated the reminders, and reading this was very timely for me.

Do you know who fanatics are? They are people who are refusing to hear outside information.

It seems as though I've been feeling quite invisible lately. I am experiencing this phenomenon where people talk at me, just talk, talk, talk, and I listen but they do not return the favor. I can see them impatiently waiting for me to finish my sentence so they can continue speaking at me. They close their ears to anything that I say. Strangers in the supermarket, my parents, relatives, it just seems chronic. I am yearning for meaningful conversation and feeling quite disconnected from most humans lately.

Growth and change is something we embrace and work on every day - I just loved everything you wrote here - beautiful piece of writing!


I am glad that this came just in time you needed it. I like this:

so they can continue speaking at me

Yes, some people will talk with you and some will talk AT you lol, I know some that are like that. Be patient and positive, I am sure that you will get your meaningful conversation soon, maybe even sooner than you think. You are already on the right path with setting your intention. Best of luck and much love! 💚

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