Really Fast bikes

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How much Speed is too Fast?

Before the Second World War some of the Mercedes Benz and Auto Union Grand Prix Cars were fitted with Streamliner Bodies and tested on the Autobahn and achieved 400 Kmh.

Imagine that kind of speed back in the 1930's!

Anyhow hunting around on YouTube again ,

It is known that the Kawasaki H2 can achieve those kind of speeds!

So found this Video for you , look what happens to an unprotected Human Face at those kinds of speeds?

Appears courtesy of YouTube, not my property.

For My Steemit Friends Entertainment, Enjoy!


I will definitely not try those speeds on our roads!! Not even half of that in fact.

Besides which, even at those speeds I am not sure if you could jump over some of our Potholes?

And then there are guinea fowl, dogs and even people that can cross the street at any moment.

agreed many people die because animals came out in the road afterall high speed is too much risk

i love power bikes... am a speed freak. plus i really like this bike video. its awesome.

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kawasaki h2 407 omg that would bs lightning speed ofc

lately I have been obsessed with watching the Isle of Man racing. Horrifically mesmerising...