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Line always assembled by robots well here's the main assembly process it takes place here here are glued screwed fused all go out on and maybe it's here the case is connected to the screen and then the assembled part goes to the conveyor the line starts with a person who disassembles for spare motorola phone parts that have not passed quality control at the end of the row he disassembles them and puts them back on the conveyor aquarius step by step from the spare parts it turns out phones 1 bully with what about phone models can such a board be used well except paris and where else can it be what we mtk yes in almost any model there may be such a similar fee you want to have fun collecting m from the very beginning to the end and here is the first test that is, if the motorola phone parts does not pass the test, it is returned back first to take care of this device measures the signal level . as soon as the first quality control about the motorola phone parts is put here to tighten the screw on the pin and this is roba all you have one rogo after all the 112 is not a number rescue it's just a test number that they use to check the signal they don't ask for help and help they say take us with here everyone.

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All happy look at their happy faces let's look at the hour before the edge but we don't test the phones when developing new models here is also tested from you just tested did not sleep and the phones that is, each batch of about 15 percent of the phones they are tested here to see what is in the this batch for example they will and here is the same as in the previous one and say here for example on the bend here is the phone that will be tested here it will go on sale well most likely no no no at all in modern books we have not yet erased before this problem remained paint with such an apparatus appeared we fix everything well here there is a background tease in this future device you will sit down on the ass apologizes there is a phone break no nothing breaks and does not bend but the campaign does not bend can not change but it is highlighted back and download the book bends bent it is all the same don't go on not our brand phone you kareev for I thought fifty thousand times on each button the Chinese call the procedure to do well say.

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That here mom and dad are having sex here are sold everywhere cable it doesn't stick now at the moment it needs to be adjusted set up now enamel well and now at our request will be left in the catch nothing crashed pity what sets at work here turns turns water it is already we also checks how motorola phone parts return long tested long after that is for 8 hours it is assumed that the delivery service will take that plane and it's already flying well it's clear the plane is shaking so I don't know it seems to me it's on horseback on horseback and tomorrow you feel what the whole zara is it doesn't seem for 1 check it won't burn out

The microchip here in this here's the loop they they're really all hot plus to everything that I'm charging and brought the watch hands angel they cover up with them nothing happens a good phone